"...And We'll Only Have Ourselves to Blame" EP    2001
Nixon's The One
Nixon has started a fight. We're all wrong and Nixon's right. Any time or any place, and Nixon will always lie to your face. Tricky Dick's in all the way! Now 1-2-3-4 Nixon's gay, but the beauty of democracy is that Nixon is the one for me! (chorus) NIXON'S THE ONE FOR ME! Nixon, you weren't that great! NIXON'S THE ONE FOR ME! Nixon. Nixon? Nixon?!  Yeah right... (verse2) Happy and on his way, He always worked and never played. If you knew Nixon, you wouldn't want to. Some one's after Nixon's head, a pissed off Veteran or a Vietkong. will shoot Nixon and he'll be gone. Pissed off everyone from day one so now you know why Nixon's gone. (verse3) Some blame the problem on the war they say that.. NIXON you went to far! but i think that.. he was more then crazy for just 3 days, but Nixon i thought you were crooked any way.. Black mail from the top, Congress finally made Nixon stop if you talked about Nixon he'd be after you. Nixon, Nixon never true. 3 more days till he got the boot. Watergate will be the end of you. Sleep now, and be at ease. Nixon, Nixon rest in piece.
Propaganda Machine
Teacher don't lie to me,"Is this all there is for me?" I open my eyes but can't see, Anything, but what's in my way, I know what i feel but not what to say. Destruction and peace are one in the same, From my point of view our future looks plain. No one hears what i say cuz no one wants to know, Pollute my thoughts and make me political.(chorus) Is that all you got instore for me? is this price for my liberty? you've treated us like shit, and expected us to die for that  PROPAGANDA MACHINE  and i don't think that lifes for me..i don't think that the mold fits me! (verse2)Your signals manipulate, teaching me to love to hate, but i gotta try and make a change, Anyway, that i think i can. Nothing ever changes if you don't make a stand. Money is the god of everything i see, Lost people in a lost society. I won't be classified as under your control, Pollute my thoughts and turn everything political. (verse3) Fear is built on the backs of the meek, When you lie and steal, KILL THE WEAK! But nohing is every accomplished by hate, When you condemn and procrastinate! Destruction and peace are one in the same, From my point of view we have nothing to gain. There are no answers to the problems i see.. cuz no one here is willing to change anything!!!!
I Hate Bill Clinton

I hate bill clinton, what an asshole! I hate bill clinton, he thinks he's so cool! I hate bill clinton, he's rather get laid! I hate bill clinton, well not today!!! (chorus) I HATE BILL CLINTON!! (wohh ohh ohh)  4x
(verse2) I hate bill clinton, that inbread hick! I hate bill clinton, he makes me sick! I hate bill clinton, YOUR WIFE IS GAY!! I hate bill clinton, stay the hell away!!
Helene's A Bitch
Ruin my year, Destroy my life. Get revenge, Left you dry. Make false claims, I hope you die. Helene's a bitch and i don't lie! Tear me apart, Wreck my home. I blame him, What do you know? Revenge my ass, I hope you choke. Helene's a bitch and there she goes! (chorus) Helene's a bitch and i hope you know, I'm not hating I'm letting go. She started this and I'm finishing it. To prove Helene is full of shit
You can deny all you want! Go and pull another stunt! You are just a waiste of time and you can't control my life!!!! (verse2) Thought you'd win, Come out on top. I fought you, What a shock. I beat you, Guilty I'm not. Helene's a bitch and she won't stop! Innocent, Did nothing to you. I won, Helene you lose. Revenge my ass, No pity for you. Helene's on my back no matter what I do.
Hey Helene, FUCK YOU!        
Police Rag
It is the end of the month and the time has coem for cops to give tickets to me. It does not matter if you are in the wrong, they'll bust you eventually. They are making up for all the time they sat on their asses and ate. So to get paid you bust me for skating in the street why don't you just guard a bank?!?
(chorus) POLICE RAG'S GOT ME DOWN AGAIN!  (2x) POLICE RAG! the hemredging never stops! POLICE RAG! fucking Bleed, bleed, bleed, bleed! BLEED! BLEED! BLEED! BLEED! BLEED! BLEED!
(verse2)Stupid cop! harassing a punk in time, to make your money you bother me! and you just don't get why my hair is blue so you say i'm disorderly? Punk on the street obeying the laws and you see your opportunity. To beat me down and throw me in jail cuz you think I said anarchy.
Hussein's Insane
Saddam Hussein leader of Iraq. That little guy won't get off my back. Always trying to bring me down. Live in fear i'll nuke your town. Gets pissed at people all the time. Said, "Hey man those nukes aren't mine." Thought the gulf war was so much fun cuz he still thinks he won! (chorus) Hussein's Insane! One celled brain! He thinks he's a persian king. well he's not! Bull shit! Husseisn' insane! One celled brain! His terrorist commy politics and shit! And i won't take that! (verse2) He's always trying to dictate me Saddam Hussein is ANTI-free. He can try it all he wants, don't mind me i'm just a punk. He gace a bad name to the Middle East. When he dies i'll be relieved. Chokes the world through OPEC, Saddam you fuck you make me sick! Saddam Hussein...you're one sick fucker!
30 Seconds
30 seconds is all i need, to speak the truth and let the truth be seen. For that short time i'm in the light, my thoughts are pure my thoughts are right. No one is gonna tell me what to think, cuz right then i know i'm free. So sit and watch everything i do cuz this time i'm gonna speak to you.
(chorus) For 30 sconds I can cuss and scream and yell and do and say whatever i want!
(verse2) 30 seconds to speak my mind and feel at ease and to wasite your time. To be straight forward or to be insane, the choice is mine in this dimmented game. Nothing's gonna stop me and my views, my ideals, and angst to you. So just stay calm and it'll be ok, cuz 30 seconds is not that long to me.
whatever i want.. whatever i want. whatever i want.. to say whatever i want!!
Castro's A Capitalist
Castro hates America, Don't bother him don't bother me. He's so pissed about Elian, He's ignored his people and what they want. Independence and the food to live. Free enterprise and the right to choose.
The money is in Castro's hands, And Castro's hands are down his pants! (chorus) CASTRO'S A CAPITALIST (2x) Fidel Catro wants to rule the world. All from the walls of a nursing home!
(verse2) Cuba hangs it's head in shame. Castro's the only one to blame. Trade embargo to capital hate
Don't blame me blame Kennedy! Change the world and live in fear. Stay the same and live in fear. Brainwashed and left to die, Well Fidel Castro is still alive! (bridge) Castro! you think you know everything?! Well actually you know nothing! All you've done is criticize others w/o looking at yourself.
You! ya piece of shit! Are the prime example of ignorance! And when you die i won't even care...
Grow Up
I see this word i'm living in but don't know how to understand it. I look at the shit i'm supposed to believe but know i can't believe it. Nothing seems to make sence to me no matter how hard i try, It's time for you to grow up and realize your being deprived!! (chorus) Time for you to GROW UP! and realize what's going on, what's happened to us?! Time for you to GROW UP! stop messing around, act like you care! (verse2) Why am i always stereotyped in the end to be wrong? Do they figure i'm dumb and don't see what's going on? They don't understand me and why i want to try! It's time for you to grow up and realize your being deprived!    

All music and lyrics property of Defaced copyright 2003