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Defaced has turned into ANS!

If you thought the bad boys from the Texas punk band Defaced called it quits then wipe your tears away because they replaced some members and reformed into ANS!

When the Monster Punk DIY Distro was still a thought in the back of my head (before my older computer crashed) I was lucky enough to be in contact with Chris from Defaced. They were an up and coming band from Texas which I really enjoyed listening to. I got a bunch of their "And We Only Have Ourselves To Blame" CD for starting this here fine Distro. It is a CD-R created by the band. You can get it from Monster Punk for only $8 and you get a FREE Defaced sticker! These stickers are really cool! The CD's are of a limited quantity and the stickers are even more scarce. Once they are gone they are gone for good so don't miss out!

This is Defaced's first CD, released in March of 2001. This CD featured Robbie on drums and Borz on bass, who both left the band in the summer of 2001 for different reasons. The CD has 9 songs, 2 outtake tracks, and 6 live tracks recorded at Eisenberg's skatepark. The "demo" cassette was also re-recorded and put on this CD, although the 3 songs were not recorded much better.

My Distro Special to you is::::
1 - Defaced "And We Only Have Ourselves To Blame" CD
1 - Defaced Sticker
1 - Defaced Button
1 - ANS "Success At Last" CD
1 - ANS Button
All for $15! (Extra Special: Postage Paid in the United States!)

The ANS CD is a not to be missed CD! RiotMG gives it a HIGH Punk Rock Mark! The Defaced CD is more of a rough early version which goes great with the ANS CD.

Here are the original Defaced "And We Only Have Ourselves To Blame" CD Lyrics taken from the band's old Web site.

Don't miss out on this fantastic deal.

Your fellow punk rocker,
Riot MG