Punk Rock to the Infinite Degree!

ANS Playing. Click on picture to see larger version.


The band formerly known as Defaced (after some member changes) from Irving, Texas is shredding the skate parks and kicking ass! A.N.S. is a punk band not to be missed! And you thought there were no more good punk bands! A.N.S. brings back the old school sounds with their skatecore roots while taking the next step.

"Success At Last" is a 27 song full length released in June of 2003. It is the 1st cd released since the name change and features many of their old Defaced songs re-recorded plus 16 new songs. The recording quality is the best out of all their cds. Features a wonderfully drawn full poster insert sheet by artist Gary Seevers. This CD has been manufactured professionally and only costs $8 plus S&H.

My Distro Special to you is::::
1 - Defaced "And We Only Have Ourselves To Blame" CD
1 - Defaced Sticker
1 - Defaced Button
1 - ANS "Success At Last" CD
1 - ANS Button
All for $15! (Extra Special: Postage Paid in the United States!)

The ANS CD is a not to be missed CD! RiotMG gives it a HIGH Punk Rock Mark! The Defaced CD is more of a rough early version which goes great with the ANS CD.

Here are the original Defaced "And We Only Have Ourselves To Blame" CD Lyrics taken from the band's old Web site.

Don't miss out on this fantastic deal.

Your fellow punk rocker,
Riot MG